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Lawn Care Eagle ID

Lawn care in Eagle ID is no easy matter. Once the grass starts to green up, the thermometer rises. Not only is it hot work, but sometimes it seems that all nature conspires against you. Bugs, weeds, heat, drought . . . ., you name it; something is always out to undo all the hard work you put into your lawn. Not to mention all the time it takes!

But why not take the hassle out of it? For the finest lawn care in Eagle, ID go with Lush Lawn Care Pros. Our experienced lawn care professionals will take the work and worry out by making your lawn look its very best. Lawns are our passion, and that’s what makes us the best in the business. Let us make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

We’ll bring out the best in your lawn. People in the know about Eagle ID Lawn Care choose Lush Lawn Care Pros. Give us a call today at 208-260-1606.

Eagle ID Lawn Care Guarantee

A Strong Guarantee. Of course, we’re not the only company that provides lawn care services in Eagle. So why should you choose us?

lawn care in Eagle ID, professional lawn maintenance in Eagle ID, Professional Lawn Care Eagle IDFirst, there’s our guarantee. We’re confident in our work, and we have lots of satisfied customers throughout the Ada County area. That allows us to make the strongest lawncare guarantee in Eagle or anyplace else that we know of.

If you’re not satisfied with our service – and by that we mean absolutely thrilled with it so that you would have no hesitation recommending us to your friends and neighbors – we’ll re-do the item in question for free. If you’re still not happy, you won’t owe us anything. That’s right. You won’t owe us a penny. In fact, if we can’t fix the item in question to your total satisfaction, we’ll pay another company to fix the issue.

What other company has the confidence to make a guarantee like that?

Range of Services - Lawn Care Eagle ID

We offer these Eagle lawncare services:

Professionals, not Sales People. Any time you contact us at Lush Lawn Care Pros, you’ll speak to someone who is an expert at lawn care – not a sales person. All of us either currently are active in caring for our customers’ lawns or have years of experience in doing so. We’re not desk jockeys, and we’re not sales people. We’re lawn and garden pros.

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Don’t wait. Get your free Lush lawn care estimate today. Call us today at 208-260-1606 or send us an e-mail at At Lush Lawn Care Pros, we know what it takes for a great looking lawn. We’ll keep it in tip-top shape all year-round. We’ll bring out the best in your lawn. People in the know about Eagle lawncare choose Lush Lawn Care Pros.

More Benefits for Lawn Care Eagle, ID

lawn care eagle gauranteeOur support for your lawn doesn’t end when we’ve pick up the clippings and drive away. We’re always thinking of our customers and we provide them with lots of extras. That’s why they stay with us year after year. Ever wonder how you should set your sprinkler? Are you too busy to make a comprehensive care plan for your lawn? We’ll send reminders of when it’s time to trim bushes, plant flowers, apply pre-emergent, prune, etc. And all this is at no cost to you. Why do we do it? Because we value our customers!